‘Crazy Stoned Talk’ Trial in Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Begins

The trial of the four men accused of plotting to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer is officially underway.

Wednesday morning, opening statements began with the prosecutors laying out their case and each defense attorney able to lay out their strategy.Whitmer Trail Day 2 5p 3 9 2200 00 36 14still001

It’s the first day of evidence in the trial against Brandon Caserta, Daniel Harris, Adam Fox and  Barry Croft. Also the first witness was called to the stand.

Fox’s attorney called his client a “broke misfit” who says crazy things to sound cool. Croft’s attorney said his client’s claims and plans to overthrow the government were “crazy stoned talk.” But all four have focused their defense on blaming the government.

The attorneys for the four men accused of plotting to kidnap Whitmer didn’t have much to say after the trial day but inside the courtroom, they got their first chance to address the jury.

Each with a slightly different argument on why their client is innocent, it quickly became evident the defense wanted to blame undercover agents and informants for the actual plot and entrapping the defendants.

Such a defense would essentially admit they committed the crime but were forced to do so. Judge Robert Jonker agreed they could go ahead with the defense.

“The judge is going to allow proofs on entrapment and we were satisfied to hear that,” said Christopher Gibbons, attorney for Fox. “I think the judge is trying to do what the law requires and he’s trying to give everyone a fair hearing on both sides.”

When the first witness took the stand, an FBI special agent, the focus shifted to Croft and Fox.

Highlighting communications between the two and on Facebook where they spoke of taking down the government and using violence to do so.

Thursday the prosecution will finish their questioning of their witness and the defense will get their turn.

“We’re looking forward to tomorrow,” said Josh Blanchard, Croft’s attorney. “We’re looking forward to tomorrow.”

With the entrapment strategy, the defense claimed all of the training videos and pictures shown so far were hosted by informants. With those undercover agents being  the ones who recruited the team together.

The trial resumes Thursday at 8:30 AM.