MI Senators Gary Peters, Debbie Stabenow Release Statements Following State of the Union Address

Michigan Senators Gary Peters, D-MI, and Debbie Stabenow, D-MI,  have released statements following President Biden’s first State of the Union Address Tuesday night.

“Tonight, President Biden laid out how our nation has made remarkable progress since he took office over a year ago,” said Senator Peters. “With our Democratic majority in the Senate, we’ve been able to pass comprehensive relief to help overcome this pandemic – legislation to fix our roads and bridges, expand access to high-speed internet and protect the Great Lakes – and expand access to quality, affordable health care.”

Senator Peters continued, “We’ve seen record economic growth in the past year – and thanks to the bipartisan infrastructure law – we’ll be able to build back even stronger through good-paying, union jobs. I agree with President Biden that we must improve our supply chain resiliency and strengthen domestic manufacturing to reduce our reliance on foreign manufacturing of critical parts – such as semiconductor chips. President Biden’s leadership has also been vital in strengthening our standing on the global stage. His Administration has countered Russian aggression by rallying our allies and taking decisive actions that send a clear message: Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked, illegal invasion of Ukraine will be met with serious consequences. I’m proud to stand with the Ukrainian people and tens of thousands of Ukrainian Michiganders.”

“As we continue to navigate challenges, there’s still more to be done, particularly to lower costs for families and small businesses,” Senator Peters concluded. “Michiganders expect us to work together to get things done, and I’ll continue working to support Michigan families and bolster our economic recovery.”

“The State of the Union is an important moment to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going,” said Senator Stabenow. “And now is the time to focus on building a better America. Thanks to President Biden’s steady leadership and competence, we’ve made enormous progress in controlling the pandemic by getting shots into arms and tests into homes. Our children are back in school. Businesses have survived and are now experiencing unprecedented growth thanks to the hard work of people like my virtual guest, Scott Hammontree, owner of The Intersection in downtown Grand Rapids.”

Senator Stabenow continued, “We passed an infrastructure law that will be a game-changer for our Great Lakes and communities across Michigan. Our economy has seen the strongest growth since 1984, adding over 369,000 new manufacturing jobs. And America has retaken our status as the international leader by uniting much of the world in support of Ukraine’s fight to protect their freedom and democracy. We know there’s still work to do to build a better America. President Biden has laid out a plan to push back on price-gouging and cut costs on those expenses taking more of people’s paychecks every day. We will strengthen supply chains and make more things in Michigan and America. We will lower prices through competition that helps small businesses and protects consumers…”

“The state of our union has been challenged, but it remains strong,” noted Senator Stabenow. “And I remain inspired by the American people, who are the heart of our nation’s recovery and future.”