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Is Meatless Monday a Thing? Trying Plant-Based Diets Can Benefit Your Health

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Going meatless once in a while can be really beneficial to our bodies. And why not start slow and do meatless Mondays to switch it up?

Carol Bell, Registered Dietician at Table Health in Traverse City, breaks down what the hype is all about on these vegetarian diets.

“So many people think that a plant-based diet is just the regular diet without the meat and the cheese,” says Bell. But that’s not exactly what it’s all about. It’s really about eating whole foods in their most natural form in order to get the nutrients your body needs.

Eating healthy and eating right for your body can look a little different depending on your wants and needs are. A big part about a vegetarian diet is eating enough protein. You can get protein from beans, nuts, and some in whole grains.

You can also get protein from fake “meats” like the Beyond Burger or the Impossible Burger. But we have to remember that these are still processed foods. It’s okay to have these from time to time, but not too frequently because of the amount of sodium and fat in them.

A great recipe to try is this quinoa pilaf with black beans. For the full recipe, .

Adding greens to your diet is also very beneficial to your health. and are great local places to shop for your leafy greens.

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