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Betty White Makes Unexpected Impact In Traverse City

The late Betty White is making her way around Traverse City. Two Northern Michigan women are hoping to spread some smiles, and it all started from a Facebook ad.

“It was great,” said Sabrina Brandt, a Traverse City resident. “Just coming off an 8 hour shift working, it was like the best thing to come home to, ever.”

Whitney Miller from Traverse City was scrolling through Facebook when she came across an ad for a “Betty White Dozen Red Roses Yard Sign Kit.”

“I might have had a few adult beverages one night,” Miller said. “I thought, that would be kind of fun.” 

 After purchasing them, she thought it would be fun to surprise her friend, Sabrina Brandt. 

“I literally just stood there for like 10 minutes with the biggest smile on my face,” Brandt said. “Cheeks hurt, everything… because it’s Betty White, number one, but the fact that I had a friend that thought of me.”

What started as a humorous, little surprise between two friends, quickly grew. Eventually more people wanted to take part, nominating friends and family who may need a brighter day. 

“The goal is to make people smile, just give them the day that they’re like someone thought of me, and just a little bit of happiness,” Brandt said.

Miller and Brandt now surprise people all over Traverse City with the Betty White yard signs.

“It was a great surprise,” said Charlie Comber, co-Owner of Pinups & Needles Tattoo Shop. “It was from one of our closest friends, I would say. First, she said we had a surprise and we came out on the porch and we’re like, ‘where is it?’ And then we’re thinking, ‘did you drop it at the wrong house or what?’ And she’s like, ‘no, in the yard.’ We went out there and yeah, it was awesome.”

Whitney said she likes to think Betty herself would love the idea. 

“I think Betty White would get a pretty good kick out of this, especially because we’re trying to do it just for fun, nothing super serious,” she said. “I mean, she was a pretty smart lady and she was really witty but she had the heart of gold.”