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Wolf’s Den: ‘One-of-a-Kind’ Store in Scottville is a Never-Ending Maze of Handcrafted Goods

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“There’s so much energy in this building, and it proves it when a person walks in here. They smile from the minute they walk in that door and they’ll be in here two or three hours, and they’re still smiling.”

Phil Wolf owns the in Scottville.

“You’re not gonna find a store like this anywhere.”

Your home is a reflection of who you are. And when it comes to decorating it, you need pieces that stand out.
Every nook and cranny is filled with handcrafted pieces that you truly won’t find anywhere else. Here at the Wolf’s Den, the furniture has lots of personality, including this chair!

“Whether it’s made out of a rock, metal, wood, a branch or a log.”

Building homes for years, Wolf’s inspiration didn’t come from the construction, but from the women who decorated their homes.

He says, “The house would be all done and I’d be amazed at the objects and the furniture and the things that these women would furnish these houses with.
They would find these all at one of a kind places in their travels. They’d find something in North Carolina, something in Tennessee, they’d find something in Arizona.”

And there are about 45 individuals who are part of the Wolf’s Den,
Constantly creating these unique pieces.

“Everybody who built something in here, they did it with their hands, their mind, their heart. These special, creative people wanted to have their stuff in here, no where else, just here.”

And as we tour the store, Phil stops and shares  little tid-bits about a few pieces here and there– all signs of the special kind of energy there.


“There’s such positive energy in here from all the objects that people put their heart and soul into. I’m very proud to say that I can go to any object here in my store and tell you who made


From the energy the store projects, to the energy of the customers —
Phil didn’t always have it easy with this store, but he knew he was doing something right.

“I sat here and struggled, but it was a dream. What kept me going, was every person that walked in here would tell me, this place is amazing. So I knew I was in the right direction,” described Wolf.

And something he hears a lot….And truly never gets sick of…

“Phil, you know, whenever anybody comes to my house, the only thing they notice is what I got from your store. It’s because it’s one of a kind.”

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