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Updates to Prosecution and Arrests of Jan. 6 Rioters

Promo Image: Updates to Prosecution and Arrests of Jan. 6 Rioters

It’s been a year since the insurrection on Capitol Hill. The aftermath of arrests and trials have barely begun.

“In some ways, this is all in its infancy,” says CBS News Congressional Correspondent Scott MacFarlane. “Yes, there are 700 people under arrest and charged, but only about 170 of them in the past year have pleaded guilty and those who’ve been sentenced, you can count them by two dozen or so.”

So far, no trials have taken place and it might be months before they do.

“COVID is limiting the courthouse, and there are so many defendants going through one courthouse at once,” reports MacFarlane.

In the midst of more charges security scares at the U.S. Capitol continue.

Thursday, a 58 year-old woman from Michigan was arrested by capitol police.

“She drove from Michigan in her truck all the way to the headquarters of the U.S. Capitol Police,” says MacFarlane. “They say in her truck she had unlawful firearms, unlawful ammo and was there to talk to police about, in her words, information she had about the January 6 siege.”

The woman, MacFarlane says is Kery Mcattee. She will be added to a list of over a dozen defendants in Michigan. One defendant, Tim Boughner, from the thumb region, is in jail awaiting trial.

“His case stands out for a few reasons. He’s a cop. He’s accused of a higher level set of crimes, and they’ve been going back and forth this week whether to hold him in jail pretrial,” says MacFarlane. “Very few are in jail pending trial.”

The list of defendants from the riot are expected to grow in Michigan and across the nation.

“In the coming weeks, we expect more of that in spite of dozens or by the hundreds, that prosecutors, according to law enforcement officials, are building the case upward, arresting and getting guilty pleas and getting cooperation from the lower level defendants to help them build cases against potentially higher level defendants. Those accused of plotting planning coming here January 6, ready for battle,” says MacFarlane.

Several people, this week, were arrested for crimes on January 6. Some of the most serious charges – seditious conspiracy.