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CMDHD Offers New Text Message System for Positive Covid-19 Tests

Central Michigan District Health Department is rolling out a new text message system that alerts you if you have a positive Covid-19 test.

If you get tested for Covid-19 anywhere in the health district, CMDHD will send you a text if you’re positive.

From there, you can fill out a survey that helps the health department contract trace.

“This just makes it easier it really is more efficient, less of a burden on our staff,” said CMDHD Health Officer Steve Hall “We’re two years into this, and a lot of people know what to do by this point, and this just allows us to still try to do our job in public health try to get information to people but just in a much more efficient, effective way.”

The Health Department says this system help take the burden off their staff, as well as provide more information to the public.

“There’s just so many cases, it’s overwhelming,” said Hall. “If you were going to have to physically call every single one of those cases, you just can’t.”

This text message system is in partnership with TigerConnect.

The Health Department asks if you do get a Covid-19 test, put your cell phone as a primary phone number to make it easier to text you.