One Up XP Show Podcast: Marion High School Esports

Most high schools in northern Michigan don’t have Esports. Simple fact but the ones that do might surprise you! One that has had one for a bit is Marion High School!

They made an agreement and got things up and running. Coach Chris Mayer and his team sat down with me to talk the struggles of Esports in high school as well as the awesomeness that it provides these kids! Coach Mayer and Coach Gingrich are hoping to be in the front of a spark that brings more local schools to get Esports teams!

With that we have seen few more pop up this year in Traverse City and Elk Rapids but in an exploding industry they are kind of on their own island as of right now.

Their players, Trey Davis, Trever Lundbom and team captain Eric Williams also joined us to talk how this team is helping shape their lives and what their hopes are down the road.

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