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Addiction Treatment Organizations Share Resources for those Struggling During Holiday Season

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The holidays can be a difficult and stressful time for everyone, but especially for those dealing with addiction.

“With the pressure of the holidays monetarily, with the family dynamics at play, it can really be just enough to put folks over the edge,” said Addiction Treatment Services CEO Chris Hindbaugh. “We really try and have supports in place to help people get through the holiday season.”

One of those resources available, not just during the holiday, is the Grand Traverse County Drug Free Coalition’s Naloxone Safety Kits.

“There’s two nasal sprays in each kit, they can be wall mounted in a plexiglass container,” said Dr. David McGreaham of the Grand Traverse County Drug Free Coalition. “We have them in about 25 regional libraries, and about 35 other public places including churches, schools, community centers, senior citizen centers.”

These kits have been available for about a year, and the coalition is working to get more kits out to the community.

“This is a work in progress, so the work is not done,” said Dr. McGreaham.

People can also reach out to , their local health departments, or a doctor or pharmacist to get Naloxone shipped to their home.

“We’re encouraging anybody in the community that wants to have a Narcan kit to have one,” said Hindbaugh.

That can help those who may be struggling during the holidays.

“What’s more typical for treatment centers like ours are that folks trying to wait through the holidays, and then we get a big influx of phone calls and admissions right after the holidays,” said Hindbaugh. “it’s just indicative of people trying to get through the holidays and struggling, but then as we get past the holidays, then it becomes too much.”

Hindbaugh says it’s important to reach out if they’re feeling lost during this time of year.

To reach out to Addiction Treatment Services, you can call 231-922-4810 or check out their .

If you’re looking to donate to Grand Traverse County Drug Free Coalition’s Naloxone Safety Kits, you can email Lauren Reed at

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