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Inside The Kitchen at Around The Corner Food and Fun


“I call it inventive comfort food,” said Laura Cavendish, the owner of Around The Corner Food and Fun in Northport. “So I take things you’re very accustomed to and I take a new angle on it.”

This grilled cheese is kicked up a notch with a deep fry.

“Ooey gooey cheesy on the inside and deliciously crunch on the outside,” she described it.

Just about everything at the Northport hangout is homemade.

“And it doesn’t make the menu unless I love it,” Laura added with a smile.

Laura says the beef pud wrap is all of England in one wrap.

“We have our veggies, we have our gravy, we have our beef, we have our pud, it’s delicious,” she said.

The pud wraps are only on the menu for November and December.

Around The Corner Food and Fun is Laura’s dream come true.

“I have wanted to have a restaurant since I was like maybe three,” Laura said. “Fancy Nancy, that was my restaurant and I have wanted to have one ever since.”

She’s as passionate about family time as she is cooking.

That’s where the “fun” comes in at Around The Corner Food and Fun.

“We have outdoor games, arts and crafts, science kits that we change weekly,” she described.

And free movies, which are a favorite for locals like April Missias.

“They have an inflatable screen that comes up, it was a kid friendly movie, the food was in relation to what the movie was showing,” said April.

That includes fish head curry for James and the Giant Peach, ruby slippers hanging from the Dead Witch Frenchee for Wizard of Oz, and Dr. Robotnik’s flying eggs for Sonic the Hedgehog.

“The energy was great, so it was just fun to see families gathering together,” said April.

Flavorsome food, infinite fun, all for your family.

“It’s fantastic it’s exactly what we wanted,” said Laura. “Just years of my passion and excitement for food and family activities kind of brought together in one location.”

You can find in Northport at 115 S Waukazoo Street, or all them at 231-386-2216.

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