Cadillac Toy Town Playmobil Figure Stolen

An iconic toy store character — and a special member of the Toy Town family — is missing.

Img 7120 The life-sized Red Wings Playmobil figure that stood proudly outside the back of the store in Cadillac was stolen sometime on Sunday.

The store owner, Thaddaeus Gommesen, says he ties the figure to the nearby stairway to keep it secure.

“It’s so sad because I went out there to put him away and he was gone,” he said. “I was just baffled that someone would take something without asking or anything.”

Gommesen says the figure is a staple of the store; many people like to take pictures by the figure.

“Honestly we just want him returned,” he said. “It’s not something that we’ve had happen before, but we just really want him to come home.”

Gommesen says they plan on filing a police report.