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The One Up XP Show

The One Up XP Show - Episode 13: Suite 776 Part 3, Concept Artist Dakota Lee

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We finish up Suite 776 and what a miniseries this has been! Part three ends the story and answers a few questions for us! A great horror game that you should check out!

Our podcast highlight is with Dakota Lee! He is a freelance illustrator and concept artist that has worked on numerous games! You have to remember that games start off as an idea and then someone draws what they want and then it is made into a game through a few more steps. So sit down with Dakota Lee and see how he got into this field and what could be on the horizon for him within video games!

Our clip of the week comes from my buddy Jordan who goes by JustOutPlayed! He did something in the new Call of Duty Vanguard game that I had not seen yet! Enjoy!


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