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New VA Outpatient Clinic Coming to Indian River

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Veterans in the Tip of the Mitt region who depend on VA services will soon have a more centralized location to get them in Cheboygan County.
This fall, the VA announced it would be building a brand new outpatient clinic in Indian River on a parcel of land right off the I-75 exit on M-68.  It will replace the current one in Mackinaw City once it opens.


The VA says this new facility will be one and a half times bigger than the current one serving the area.  The idea is to make it more convenient for patients from a the whole region to get to.

“We expand the geographic drive time ring to allow more veterans the opportunity to select Indian River as their VA outpatient facility of choice,” said VA Leasing Management Chief, William Merrill. He went on to say, “This location is great to serve our veterans both on the west and the east side of the state.  It serves Harbor Springs and Petoskey, but also still serves Mackinaw City and Cheboygan.”

The new location will have more exam rooms so they can serve more patients and is large enough for them to expand if there’s more demand or any future program mandates.  Construction is expected to begin next spring and be complete in spring or early summer 2023.




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