Northern Michigan Nursing Home Proposes 10 Year Millage, Prepares for “Silver Tsunami”

The future of Bay Bluffs Med Care Facility are in the hands of Emmet County residents starting Tuesday during Election Day.

“We have learned a lot through the pandemic, as far as things that we need to do to improve residents safety and security,” said Emmet County Bay Bluffs Med Care Center Administrator, Lisa Ashley. 

In order to improve their safety and security, Bay Bluffs is proposing a ten year millage in the upcoming.

“What we’re asking Emmett County voters for is .25 mills, each year over the next 10 years to help with capital improvements,” Ashley said.

If approved, the millage will help buy a new roof, boiler’s, windows, and more. In return, the millage will keep care programs and activities around for senior citizens.

“We feel pretty good about it,” said Ashley. “I mean, it’s an election, it’s a vote. The good news is, for a county medical facility, our community does actually get to decide whether or not they’re going to invest in this building and our resident population.”

If the proposal fails, Ashley says they will have to dip into the facilities budget. 

“Buying a boiler means I provide less activities. Outings, and art, and music. Those sorts of things that our residents really enjoy… funds would come from that kind of a budget item,” said Ashley.

The millage will also help prepare them for a rush of baby boomer’s when they start filling in nursing homes, also known as the “silver tsunami.”

“We’ve had great community support,” Ashley said. “I’m hopeful that Tuesday’s outcome will continue show itself to be positive support.”

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