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UNSOLVED: Who Killed Dakota Rico?

It was September of 2015 when State Police say someone shot and killed 21-year-old Dakota Rico on the south side of Saginaw.

And there remain no answers as to who may have killed the Midland native.

For six years Sue Rico and Ryan Boshaw have waited and waited for an arrest, charges or any kind of answers as to who may have killed their son and brother, Dakota Rico.


“He was a go getter, lots of energy, very charismatic. He had a lot of friends, and he was just a genuine person, very loyal,” said Ryan.

His family says it was early morning, September 5th of 2015 when Dakota was driving in this area on Saginaw’s south side when his was shot.

“It was 4 in the morning when they came to my house, State Police did, from the Special Crimes Units. And for like 10 or 15 minutes they kept telling me Dakota was in trouble. So I’m like what kind of trouble is he in, if you don’t have him and he’s not in Midland jail, Saginaw jail, where, well no ma’am he’s dead, okay, you call that trouble, and it just like bam, it hit me,” said Sue.

Dakota’s family believes he was ambushed, but over what remains a mystery.

“I bet you it was over a small amount of money or something petty. I don’t think it was something extravagant,” said Ryan.

Police were on the scene shortly after, and news reports at the time indicate there was a person of interest — offering hope to Dakota’s family. But hope of an arrest by law enforcement has slowly faded.

“At this point we have nothing, and they’re not talking to us,” said Sue.

Dakota’s family says a fresh set of eyes on the case may be what’s needed.

“They have evidence, they just need somebody else who cares to look at it and I bet you they could solve it,” said Ryan.

But they also admit, they feel like the options of where to turn for answers are running out.

“There’s a little bit of anger there, actually there’s a lot of anger there, from hitting that brick wall too much, because all though we’re not hitting it, you still actually feel it, damn another dead end,” said Sue.

“When you don’t know what happened or why, because you’re always asking yourself why us. Because there’s two why’s, why us, and then why him,” said Ryan.

Michigan State Police say they are still investigating Dakota’s death, are taking tips and remain in contact with his family.

If you know anything about who may have killed Dakota Rico, you’re asked to call Michigan State Police, at .

You can also listen to my extended interview with Dakota’s mom and brother on our .