Inside the Kitchen at Barrel Back Restaurant in Walloon Lake

“We are going to make a Mediterranean pizza, it’s probably one of our most popular pizzas, it’s just an explosion of flavor,” said executive chef at Barrel Back Restaurant, Eddie Marusarz.

He spreads the pesto, layers it up, and slides the fan favorite into the oven.

“This pizza oven is stone-fired, it has a stone underneath and it’s about ten inches thick,” said Chef Eddie. Barrel Back

The pizza will only need to cook for a few minutes, but the brisket will hang out in the smoker for 13 hours.

“We don’t put too much on there, we give it a chance to do what it does just to enhance it and put a crust on there,” he said.

The brisket tops several dishes, and also gets added to the chili. But it’s not just any chili. It’s award-wining, earning the general public’s top pick at a chili competition last month.

“We got the hardware, the golden ladle,” said Chef Eddie.

He credits the success to a few secret ingredients he has learned along his career. The first one is pumpkin.

“Unbelievable, it just pulls everything together, it emulsifies the grease in there, it gives it some body,” he explained.

The next secret ingredient is used coffee grounds.

Crushed Goldfish crackers are the last secret ingredient, added right on top for garnish.

This chili is as unique as the chef holding the ladle.

“I have developed this chili after 47 years in this business,” he said. “Chili in itself is just a culmination of things and experiences and life and culture, so I inherited that, all these things that I have learned and all the places I have been have contributed to this chili.”

Barrel Back Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can find them at 4069 M-75 in Walloon Lake, or call them at 231-535-6000.


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