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Inside The Kitchen at Zest Plant-Based Kitchen

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“We wanted the food to be healthy, taste good, and just be something different, have a fresh zesty, I guess, you could say flavor and taste good,” said co-owner of Zest Plant-Based Kitchen in Traverse City, Tarah Elhardan.

She said it can be tough to eat out and find plant-based options, especially in this area.

The classic acai bowl is topped with all sorts of goodies and house made granola.

Husband and wife owners Tarah Elhardan and Satya Pillay didn’t have to go far to create the menu. Much of it stems from what they make at home, like the bollywood burrito.

“We use the warming Indian spices, the blend of vegetables that are in there, you have the avocado, the cilantro, the black beans, the sweet potato that people love so it’s just a good mix of flavors and you have the soft tortilla that brings it all together,” Tarah said. “My background as a mental health counselor I’m a licensed therapist my husband is a physician so we really know about food and nutrition and what you eat and how it affects your overall wellbeing.”

Satya popped into the plant based scene more recently.

“What you eat affects not only your physical health, but your mental health,” he said. “You sleep better, you have more energy to work out.”

He moved to Traverse City from Cape Town, South Africa when he was seven.

He’s bringing a piece of his past to you with the Indian dish of the week.

“Whether you eat vegan or gluten free, or you eat meat every meal out of every day, we want our food to be for everybody,” said Tarah.

You can find Zest Plant-Based Kitchen at 439 E Front Street in Traverse City, or call them at 231-421-3141.

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