Frankfort Welcomes Back Fall Festival

Frankfort Welcomes Back Fall Festival

Frankfort celebrated its annual Fall Festival on Saturday.Img 0001

After two years, community members were able to gather once again and take part in the festivities.

The parade kicked off at 11am, featuring the Mutt March and music from the Scottville Clown Band.

The Farmers’ Market saw one of its busiest days yet this fall.

Victoria Bakker of Bakker’s Acres, says the festival provided plenty of business for vendors.

“Today has been very, very busy,” Bakker said. “The festival definitely helped with that, so I definitely think today was a good, successful Farmers’ Market.”

If there was one thing the Fall Festival had more of than produce, it was pumpkins.

The festival saw some of the biggest pumpkins—which were harvested locally.

The largest one weighing in at 1,169 pounds.

Professional pumpkin carver Ed Moody received non-stop attention for his work.

He spent most of his day carving a pumpkin on display.

“I’m carving this kind of like, regular jack-o’-lantern and then I embellish it by making the lips and setting the teeth back in and stuff, rounding them off—things that you wouldn’t normally do,” Moody said.

When the festival is over, three of the biggest pumpkins will go to Moody’s house.

He carves them each year and welcomes anyone to come check them out.Img 0003 2

“With my display at my house, I’ll have 100,000 people come by between now and Halloween,” Moody said. “That’s huge for the community.”

By the look of the crowds, community support was definitely present today, indeed.

You can view Ed Moody’s home pumpkin display in Frankfort at 722 Leelanau Ave.