19-Year-Old Charged in Deadly Wexford County Shooting

A 19-year-old, now charged with murder after a weekend shooting in Wexford County that left another teen dead.

Demont Storm was charged Monday afternoon with open murder.

Deputies say they arrested Storm early Saturday morning in Grand Traverse County after he shot and killed another 19-year old a man at a bonfire in Buckley.

Investigators say a fight broke out at the fire in Hanover Township and Storm pulled out a gun.

He took off from the scene and was later seen walking on M-37 north of Buckley where he was arrested.

Witnesses also described storm as being ‘on something.’

Storm also faces a pair of firearm charges and was wanted on a warrant out of Kalkaska County.

Deputies are still trying to piece together what happened and hope more witnesses come forward.

“There were quite a few witnesses, I can’t give an exact number but it was a large gathering of people at a large bonfire at this opening in the woods, I would say right now from video footage I’ve seen that it was easily more than 50 people present at the party,” said D/Sgt. Chris Piskor with the Wexford County Sheriff’s Office.

Storm is being held without bond.

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