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MSP Forensic Labs Receive National Recognition

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The Michigan State Police Forensic Science Division received national recognition for their forensic standards.

The recognition comes from the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Organization of Scientific Area Committees.

Every five years MSP’s seven forensic labs go through this accreditation process to keep their professional practices up to date.

These national standards ensure the labs are following scientifically validated procedures and can be held in a court of law.

MSP’s labs incorporate29 of the 36 standards, with an intention of adding the other seven standards in the future.

MSP says this recognition means they’re doing what they’re supposed to when it comes to their forensic division.

“It’s to ensure we are following the best practices and we’re not taking shortcuts,” said Spl/Sgt. Kenneth Polhemus Forensic Science Division, Michigan State Police. “This just means that we are following the nationwide standards for forensic laboratories.”

MSP’s seven forensic labs join 36 other labs in the United States that also have this recognition.