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TCLP Partners with Down State Solar Project for Renewable Energy

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Traverse City Light and Power is hoping to move toward a future without fossil fuels, and they’re partnering with a down state solar project to complete that mission.

The Calhoun Solar Project is located in Calhoun County, and will provide 200 megawatts of power a year.

Through the Michigan Public Power Agency, TCLP purchased 12.2 megawatts of the solar array that will power homes in Northern Michigan and throughout the state.

An average household uses about 500 kilowatts of power a year.

They’re hoping that through this solar array, it will provide more renewable energy on the grid.

“We have a goal of becoming 100% renewable energy by 2040,” said Interim Executive Director Karla Myers-Beman. “Right now with our committed resources, we’re at 43.65% with solar arrays and renewable energy coming online through 2025.”

The solar array is scheduled to start producing energy in 20-22.

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