Inside The Kitchen at Barrio in Traverse City

“We have over 100 tequilas and over 50 whiskeys,” described Barrio’s owner, Jake Hawley.

Barrio in Traverse City has a big selection to bring you that bold flavor.

Jake says they use all fresh citrus to complement their house-infused tequila.

“It creates a really well balanced cocktail,” he said.

Warming up your taste buds for the star of the show.

“You can build almost a million different combinations of tacos on our menu, you can build a new taco every time you’re here,” said kitchen manager, Anthony Carano.







Or you can order one of the El Jefe selections.

“Because we are only a taco place, people are thinking they are going to get a street taco, a little four inch taco,” Anthony said. “Then they come out and they’re like ‘oh I didn’t realize they’re that big.’”

Anthony describes how they build their layers.

“We are going to take our crumbled bacon, and layer that down first, and then the next thing we do is take our hard shells,” he started.

A dunk in the queso, then right on top.

Flavor loaded in layer by layer, and piled high.

A concept they double dip with a few different kinds of tacos.

“Similar to the bombshell,” he said.

But this one has ground chorizo in between the layers

A combination you can only get at Barrio, whether you take it with you — or enjoy it here in the day of the dead themed dining room with nods to Traverse City everywhere you look.

“Barrio stands for neighborhood in Spanish, the reason we named it Barrio is we want to be the neighborhood bar,” said Anthony.

You can find Barrio at 305 W. Front Street or call them at 231-421-1855.

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