Brewvine: Two K Farms Adds Exciting New Cider Varieties

Two K Farms in Leelanau County has a long list of delicious of ciders made from fruit straight from their on-site orchard.

“We’ve got a lot of exciting new things at Two K.  We released some new single varietals, the Harrison apple, Ellis bitter, and Dabinett which will be added to our lee points series of single varietals. We also released a new Pommeau, which is a traditional beverage from Normandy,” said Max Koskela, Two K Farms Vice President of Operations

The traditional beverage is a mix of aged apple brandy, and apple juice.  It’s a limited release for Two K Farms and it’s selling fast.

“So we only produce 52 cases of the Pommeau. I think we’re one of the few domestic domestic producers that actually makes a Pommeau, but it’s very unique using only apples that we grow here,” said Koskela.

The cidery and winery added three new single varietal ciders to their line up, each one with it’s own special taste.

“So Harrison is very unique. It’s, I would say, more of an American style, a little bit sweeter, almost has these lemon notes to that. And then the Ellis bitter’s very cool, has a chalky tannin’s the debonair is a little more stringent, but they’re both very dry. So those are going to appeal more to the drier drinkers,” said Koskela

Two K FarmsWhile you may have heard of ice wine, Two K Farms has two ice ciders.  You can try their heirloom blend or one made strictly with delicious Honeycrisp apples.

“Cider is wine made with apples instead of grapes. The ice cider is made with Honeycrisp apples that are concentrated. And then the other one is a blend of four American heirloom apple varieties. But it’s very sweet, high and residual sugar, just like your standard dessert wine,” said Koskela

As the colors begin to change and we enter the fall season, it’s a great time to  experience everything Two K Farms has to offer.

“We’re going to be having apples at the front of the farm here that you can taste. So you can have your apple and your your cider side by side, so you’re tasting truly from we say, graft to glass. So everything is done right here,” said Koskela


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