Visit A Little Piece Of Poland Right Here In Northern Michigan!

Dzien dobry!

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear these beautiful words?! I’ve got an idea!

We’re taking you to a place that’s just about close enough to be considered Poland in Northern Michigan!

The Polish Art Center is a store FILLED with little Polish treasures all the way from Poland! Some of the items you can find here are; Polish food, authentic Baltic amber jewelry, cook books, colorful ceramics, clothing, slippers, little trinkets, and so much more! There are two locations, Cedar and Hamtramck.

I got the chance to speak to the owner, Kathleen Bittner, who’s helped her parents run their family business for years. The Bittners have owned the store in Hamtramck since 1973 and since then, they have developed The Polish Art Center into one of the country’s premier emporiums of Polish cultural and traditional goods.

The family has also expanded the store as an educational center where they hold lectures, book signings with famous Polish authors, folk art demonstrations, and pisanki-making classes. In addition to all this, The Bittners remain very active in their Polish community by regularly displaying their Polish cultural artifacts at festivals, events, schools, and libraries.

If you’re in the Hamtramck or Cedar area, make sure to stop in and take a look around!

You can find updated information on their Facebook page HERE and more information on the stores’ hours and items HERE.

Polish Art Center

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