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Update: Chicago Woman Breaks Record On Torch Lake

You may of heard about the woman who swam Torch Lake to raise money for diabetes.

Well, that woman is 31-year-old Marian Cardwell, and on Thursday she completed her record-breaking swim. She swam for a continuous 18.5 hours, while raising money for the Chicago Diabetes Project.

“We are very excited for her tremendous accomplishment,” said Greg Aldin, Cardwell’s husband. “All in the name of trying to raise money for type I diabetes research through the Chicago Diabetes Project.”

Cardwell lives in Chicago with her husband, and starts medical school at Central Michigan University on Monday.

In 2012, Cardwell swam across the English Channel in the Atlantic Ocean while raising money for diabetes in honor of her late uncle, who had diabetes.

Originally, she planned to swim 60 hours, but had to stop last night around 2:00 a.m. due to safety concerns with navigation and body temperature.

“I am leaving things undone, but I’m really proud of my team,” said Cardwell. “We made the right call. It’s all about… we got to be safe and smart.”

Cardwell says she is extremely grateful for the community’s support. She says it feels undeserved because she pulled out of the swim early.

”It’s very motivating,” she said. “Yeah, I’m kind of speechless about it… part of me is pretty disappointed for pulling out so early in my swim I had planned.”

Cardwell started her swim on Thursday morning at the Torch Lake access site and started back up for a little over two hours on Thursday afternoon, just for fun.

So far, Cardwell and her team have raised nearly half of their goal is $50,000.

To donate to her fundraiser and learn about Cardwell’s swim, .

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