Two Tornado Events Lead to Double-Digit Tornadoes Across the State

Severe weather season is most prominent during the summer months across Michigan. We see all types of severe weather, including tornadoes. 2021 has been a busy year in the tornado department across Michigan in June and July. During the two months, 12 tornadoes touched down.

Tornado season is typically from April to July across Michigan based on climatology. In other words, tornadoes are most frequent between April and July. Tornadoes can happen outside of these months, however are more uncommon. June is the peak of the tornado season in the state.

Mi Tornadoes

Thirteen tornadoes have touched down so far in 2021 across the state. While that may seem like a lot, it is not. Michigan averages sixteen tornadoes a year. Here is how Michigan stacks up to other states across the Midwest.

4tornado Climo

Notice how the sixteen compare to Texas and Kansas, where traditional tornado alley lies. Stronger tornadoes are more common down there as well.

2tornado Climo

If you wanted an even bigger picture, here is how Michigan stacks up against the lower 48.

Tornado Climo

While Michigan has not seen sixteen tornadoes in 2021, the state has seen thirteen, approaching the long-term average. The majority of the tornadoes have touched down during two tornado events, both on a Saturday.

The first was June 26th where a rotating thunderstorm, known and a supercell thunderstorm, developed in Mecosta County. This supercell spawned two tornadoes to Northern Michigan, leaving damage in Clare and Mecosta counties.

The Mecosta County tornado was an EF-1

Past Tornadoes

The Clare County tornado was an EF-0

Past Tornadoes2

Other tornadoes June 26:

Port Austin, Huron County, EF-2

Freeport Rd, Ionia County, EF-0

Lake Odessa, Ionia County, EF-0

Lowell, Kent County, EF-0

E Ef Scale

The second tornado event just missed northern Michigan but brought three EF-1 tornadoes and one EF-0 southeast Michigan.

Tornadoes July 24:

Clayton Township, Genesee County, EF-1

Armada, Macomb County, EF-1

White Lake, Oakland County, EF-0

Port Austin, Huron, EF-0


Mi Tornadoes2

Port Austin hit again, a community hit by the EF-2 in June. This tornado is the strongest of the 2021 season in Michigan so far.

The strongest tornado to ever strike Michigan was in 1953. An F-5 brought winds up to 200 mph and extensive damage to Flint-Beecher communities. We have only seen one other F-5/EF-5 since meteorologists started recording tornado data in 1950. That was Allegan county in 1956.


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