The 65th Annual Baldwin Troutarama Is Underway

It’s not too late to enjoy the 65th Baldwin Troutarama.

The event started in 1956 and has grown into a beloved festival, bringing thousands of people to Baldwin every year.

From live music to the children fishing derby – there’s plenty for all ages to enjoy.

But this year is even more special. Tomorrow will be the first parade at Troutarama in three years.

“We’ve had some weather issues and a pandemic so it’s the first time in three years we’ll have our grand parade at 1 p.m. weather permitting but we’re hoping for good things,” said Seth Wagner, Vice President of Baldwin Troutarama. “We have over a hundred entries. It’s just a good chance for everybody to see the entries get dressed up, go into the parade, throw some candy and have a good time.”

The festival wraps up at midnight Saturday night.

For a list of tomorrow’s events, head to