Michigan State University President Visits Traverse City, Builds Resources

Michigan State University President, Dr. Sam Stanley, is visiting Northern Michigan for the first time since before the pandemic.

He is touring MSU facilities in Traverse City, and is sitting down with community leaders to find out how the university can better service the area.

After two years away, President Stanley is taking time to visit MSU’s Horticulture Center in Traverse City.

On Saturday, he will meet the center’s staff that guides their agricultural research.

On Friday, he sat down to find out the impact the university has on Northern Michigan.

“Meet with elected officials to talk to them about how Michigan State can better serve the people of their district and then meet some of our employees and some of our alumni and some of our donors,” said President Stanley. 

The MSU Extension connect the school right to the farmers in Traverse City, many of them still struggling from pandemic losses.

“Our plant scientists, our ag. experts, working through extension to make a difference and having a research station right on site. So you’re right there where the community is to help them make a difference,” says President Stanley.46531677 5f7a 4e17 96ba 714da94c2d93

MSU Extension says the area’s farmers have leaned on their help.

“The different changes in regards to market, the different changes with regards to COVID and helping them bring that cutting edge information so they can make the best decisions for their business everyday,” says District Three Director, Jennifer Berkey.

She says the school needs to recognize the harsh conditions many farmers are still dealing with.

Berkey says, “Helping them learn best practices on how to deal with the obviously crazy weather patterns we’ve had. The high winds we’ve had, some drought conditions, and now the rain as well.”

MSU Extension says President Stanley’s visit will help them get more attention for the resources local farmers need to sustain their crops.