Healthy Living: Environmental Racism: Youth Versus Apocalypse

According to the NAACP, black households are 75% extra more likely to reside close to poisonous oil and fuel amenities. Besides worsening local weather, pollution is additionally linked to most cancers, bronchial asthma, and birth defects.

Isha Clarke mentioned this isn’t a coincidence, but another signal of environmental racism. That’s why the 17-year-old fashioned the nonprofit Youth Versus Apocalypse and is decided to vary that course.

This might seem like a light-hearted dialog amongst youngsters, however Isha Clarke and Aniya Butler have greater issues on their thoughts. “What I am fighting for is a world where all people can truly thrive,” said Isha Clarke, Founder Youth Versus Apocalypse.

Youth Versus Apocalypse is a youth-run nonprofit that’s striving to not solely reverse local weather change, but the environmental injustices that caused it. Clarke shared, “Environmental injustice and environmental racism specifically, is when communities of color are targeted with pollution. That looks like refineries in communities of color.”

Another instance of environmental injustices resides in Detroit, where minority children are documented to have higher rates of asthma. It’s believed these numbers are linked to their polluted neighborhoods constructed alongside busy interstates.

“Our future is now becoming a possibility as we continue to do, nothing you know about climate change,” Aniya Butler, participant at Youth Versus Apocalypse, mentioned.

That’s why Youth Versus Apocalypse has been mobilizing younger folks to make a distinction.

“Sometimes that looks like mass protests, or social media campaigns, public board meetings, and making public comment. We led a climate strike with over 30 thousand people,” Clarke said.

Last year, they launched an EP of their work.

Butler added, “You don’t have to, you know, speak in front of millions of people to be an activist, just fight for our future.”

For more information about Youth Versus Apocalypse, click here.

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