Inside The Kitchen at Blu Moon in Ludington

Jason Mumford opened Blu Moon in Ludington about 13 years ago.

“A little bit of fusion using Americanized sushi,” said owner, Jason Mumford, as he described the menu.

But the sushi wasn’t added to the menu until about seven years ago.

7 13 21 ItkIt started out as an experiment.

“We tried it out on a Tuesday night, we did sushi Tuesdays and it just became busier and busier, and I said ‘okay we need to do this 7 days a week,’” he said.

They have come a long way since starting out as a café and coffee shop.

“It’s pretty amazing especially the volume we do,” said Jason.

Expanding once next door, naming it New Moon.

And another expansion up top, called Over The Moon, allowing you to see the sun.

“That is basically like a separate place, they offer their own menu and their own kitchen,” said Jason.

“It’s outdoors, you’ve got the wind in your hair,” said Ray Janish, who lives in Ludington.

He and his wife Carla frequent the restaurant.

“They’re regulars, they’ve been coming here since about day one and kind of became good friends over time,” said Jason.

“I usually do the specials, Chef Jason will come out and will do something different every day and since we are local we experiment with the base menu so we love to just have him create something for us,” the couple agreed.

One of those specials is the seafood pasta.

“Sundried tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, fresh garlic sea salt, back pepper, it’s a sun dried tomato pesto,” said Jason.

And familiar fare that will fire up their taste buds with every bite is the Laotian shrimp.

“Always great, that is fantastic,” said Carla.

It’s a meal and an experience that will eclipse all others.

“So that’s why we keep coming back,” the couple agreed.

Blu Moon in Ludington can be reached at 231-843-2001. Their address is 125 S. James Street.

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