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Senate Oversight Committee Concludes 2020 Election Was Fair and Accurate

More than half a year has been spent arguing over the results of the November 2020 election. On Wednesday, the Senate Oversight Committee tried to put an end to it.

After months of testimony, affidavits and hearings, the Republican-lead Senate Oversight Committee released their report, confirming what audits and canvassing efforts already have said, the election was fair and accurate.

Over the past seven and half months the state has done more than 250 audits on the results and have found no fraud. Despite that, there is still a segment of the population that just believes something fraudulent happened in the election process.

The report has been a long time coming and a long detailed dive into the claims of election fraud in Michigan. In summation, the report’s main author, Senator Ed McBroom says there was no evidence of widespread or systematic fraud.

“It’s just so plain and simple,” said Sen. McBroom, “So many of the purveyors of other theories ignored evidence in order to promote the false narrative.”

While Republicans stood behind “just making sure” everything went correctly, Democrats said more damage was being done by giving these claims attention.

“We were giving a platform to people who were peddling dangerous, obviously, untrue ideas,” said Senator Jeff Irwin of Ann Arbor.

That leads to what may be the lasting impact of this report, dealing with those that actively pushed these claims of fraud. Many were raising money off them.

“When someone persists in telling a falsehood, even when they’ve been shown the evidence, and then they are also collecting money?” said Sen. Irwin, “I think that makes a pretty credible argument for fraud.”

That is where Attorney General Dana Nessel may be stepping in. Her office said Wednesday they are reviewing the report and determining if any criminal charges should be brought.

The full report can be found