Michigan County Clerks Rally to Support Antrim County Clerk

Just hours after the Michigan Senate released its report on the 2020 election, county clerks from across the state were in Antrim County, showing their support for county clerk Sheryl Guy.

Guy and her office have become a frequent target of those doubting the outcome of the election.

Antrim County’s results initially showed President Biden winning the traditionally Republican county.

That was the result of human error and the results were corrected in favor of former President Trump.

But that hasn’t stopped sharp attacks on guy and her staff.

County clerks from Midland, Muskegon and Genesee Counties stood alongside Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy Wednesday morning in Antrim County.

“We need to move on. First of all, our community, our county and our country should come before the partisan dust ups. I’m here because I’m trying to unite the people and show that we across the state support Sheryl Guy,” said Genesee County Clerk and Register of Deeds John J. Gleason.

Despite a hand recount, and dismissal of a lawsuit, the Antrim County clerk’s office remains at the center of unproven claims of fraud.

‘I think the message is we want the state to come back, we want the nation to come back together and to understand that there was no fraud. Yes there were mistakes, but that at the end of the day, the votes that were tabulated were the votes that the people of the state of Michigan and across the nation cast on Election Day,” said Midland County Clerk Ann Manary.

And clerks say they worry about what the continued spread of election disinformation could have on future elections.

“We have laws in place to make sure all those checks and balances are followed and Sheryl did exactly what she needed to do. People need to understand the process,” said Manary.

Guy was unable to say much because of ongoing legal proceedings. But did say she’s incredibly thankful for the show of support.

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