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Boat Captain Finds 95-Year-Old Artifact In Cheboygan River

During a late evening dive on Friday, Owner of Captain Jennifer Dowker discovered a 95-year-old artifact.

“I spotted that green bottle on the top of a fish bed, so I said ‘oh that looks cool’, so I reached down and grabbed it and noticed there was paper in it,” said Dowker. “So immediately, I was like ‘alright this is great’.”

The note inside read, “Will the person who finds this bottle give this paper to George Morrow, Cheboygan Michigan.” It was dated 1926.

After the note was shared on Facebook, it quickly gained a lot of attention. And eventually, Dowker was able to make contact with George’s daughter, Michele Primeau.

“It was a total shock, but knowing my dad, he would always do little things like when we were building our basement he was putting up the paneling and he put a note behind that,” said Primeau. “I know the date on the bottle was November 26, and his birthday was in November. It wouldn’t surprise me if he just did that on his birthday.”

While she plans to come take a look at the note for herself in September, Primeau says she would rather have Dowker keep it.

“I was really hoping to get it back and I was going to frame it and everything,” said Primeau. “Then when I went to bed last night I started thinking about it, and it will make my dad live on if I give it to Jen.”

Dowker says the bottle probably isn’t the only interesting artifact in the bottom of the Cheboygan County Marina.

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