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Thousands of Affidavits Delivered to Legislature Calling for Election Audits

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Almost nine months after the 2020 election, scrutiny continues on the results of the presidential election in Michigan.

Despite more than 250 audits completed and none of them showing any sort of fraud, a group of voters from across the state have been pushing to have a forensic audit done on the state’s election system.

Thursday they gathered on the State Capitol Lawn for a vigil and rally and then delivered thousands of affidavits to legislators calling for a forensic audit.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson says a forensic audit does not exist for election systems and, even if it did, the results would show that this was a secure election.

Those presenting the documents Thursday wanted more answers.

“Why would both sides of the aisle, why would Democrats and Republicans both not want to see what really happened?” asked Lana Kristal of Bingham Farms. She and another women delivered affidavits to Senator Ed McBroom.

“This has been the most scrutinized election in recent history but it was also the scrutiny that validated the most secure and accessible election in our state history,” said Benson, “We now need to move forward and agree on those basic set of facts.”

It is now up to the legislature to decide if they want to push this any further than it has gone already.