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Airplane Crash In Tawas Lake

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The East Tawas Police Department were dispatched to a plane crash on Tawas Lake Monday evening.

A nearby neighbor called 911, and when officers arrived they found a Ultra-Glide plane upside down in the lake, approximately 250 yards away from shore.

The pilot was able to climb out of the plane and was found standing on the wing when officers arrived.

He says when he landed his plane on Tawas Lake he began to use the throttle to gain speed in order to avoid the weeds.

When he attempted to trim out the plane it malfunctioned and caused the plane to nosedive and flip over into the water.

A Department of Natural Resource officer was called on scene to see if any fuel or oil had spilled into the water.

The DNR found no sign of any spillage and contacted the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy to advise them of the incident.

The East Tawas Police Department remained on scene until the plane was recovered from the water and the area was cleared.

There were no reported injuries and all of the debris was removed from the lake.

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