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Better Business Bureau Says Mackinaw City Incident Should be a Learning Experience

Businesses and customers continue to speak out against the many other establishments owned by the Lieghio family in Mackinaw City. 

The reputation of the popular tourist location has taken a hit after a video of an employee at the Crown Choice Inn berating one of their customers.  

Director of the Better Business Bureau Education Foundation, Troy Baker, says this is an opportunity for businesses in the area to learn from this moment.

“For businesses all across Mackinaw City and everywhere, this is an opportunity to address your internal policies and talk to staff and others about the message you want to portray to customers and the type of business you want to be seen as,” said Baker. 

The Mackinaw City Chamber of commerce posted a status on Facebook last week saying while they aren’t allowed legally to police how businesses conduct themselves and this incident shouldn’t diminish their reputation.  

Trip advisor and Yelp have both shut down their review postings for the Crown Choice Inn due to a recent influx in the amount of posts they’re seeing. 

Other businesses and customers have reached out to 9&10 News about their bad experiences, but Baker says these websites shutting down review postings is common in high profile cases.

“If they leave a review about a business they’ve never been to, how helpful is that for a consumer that’s thinking about going to that business,” said Baker. 

The Lieghio family maintains these attacks on their businesses is an attack on their Italian heritage and not about their customer service. 

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