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Line 5 Protests Held in Lansing

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While a major protest was held in Mackinaw City, in Lansing more than 100 Line 5 protesters met on the State Capitol lawn before marching through downtown Lansing to deliver an eviction notice to a lobbyist firm for Enbridge.

Just like the group in Mackinaw, these protesters stood behind Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s decision to close the pipeline.

They admitted the decision would still play out in the courts but rebuffed claims that Enbridge did not have time to form a contingency plan for life without the pipeline.

“They’ve known for a long time this pipeline was a problem and that the state was looking at it so them now acting like they’ve been caught off guard is really disingenuous,” said Mary Brady-Enerson of Clean Water Action, “The governor also gave them 180 days. She made this announcement back in November and give them ample time to secure alternatives and figure out what their solution would be.”

The group then marched back to the Capitol Building, where they delivered a thank you note to the governor.

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