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Hundreds March to Deliver Eviction Notice to Enbridge in Mackinaw City

Michigan tribes and others who are against the continued operation of Line 5 had a message for Enbridge Thursday.

Protestors marched to Enbridge’s Mackinaw City location, and posted an eviction notice on its gates.   

They say the risk of an oil leak in the straits of Mackinac is too great. 

“I’m actually out here today for my nieces and my nephews and for my family that’s going to be born in the future because I would like them to see this beautiful water,” said protestor White Hawk.  

Some came from downstate to take part because they already know what kind of damage a spill could lead to. 

“We’re in Southern Michigan but my tribe went through the fracture of the Line 6B oil pipeline also owned and operated by Enbridge Energy in 2010,” said protestor Nat Spurr. “So 11 years later we’re still apart of the cleanup effort in the Kalamazoo River.” 

Not all of the protestors come from a tribe, and White Hawk was ecstatic to see the large turnout. 

“It’s about protecting this water and as natives we have a connection with water and land so it’s our job to be able to share that with non-native people,” said White Hawk.

While the eviction notice isn’t legally binding, those marching believe they’ve made it clear on where they stand with Enbridge. 

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