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Michigan State Police ‘Purses with a Purpose’ Program Collected over 6,200 Purses for Domestic Assault Survivors

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The Michigan State Police’s ‘Purses with a Purpose’ just wrapped up its first year as a statewide initiative.

It locally started in 2019 thanks to Cadillac Trooper Andrea Tillman and has just taken off since.

The program collects purses through the month of April, along with different personal items like shampoo or a hair brush. The donated items are then given to local organizations to be shared with survivors of sexual assault or domestic violence.

This year, more than 6,200 purses were collected.

State police say the program helps keep them connected with their community.

“We live in these communities as well and by doing these community outreach programs it brings us in touch with the citizens we serve and it helps us get some charity done to help victims of crime that we see,” said Michigan State Police Lt. Derrick Carroll. “So it’s a win-win, we’re helping victims of crime that we deal with every day and also helping out people in our community that need the help.”

Lt. Carroll says even though the program is over for this year their work continues.

If you are looking to make a donation, he says you can contact your local women’s shelter or state police post.