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Former Truck Driver Bikes Across Country Raising Awareness About Health

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Since the start of the pandemic, many industries have been impacted.

Trucking and transportation workers are being left to put their health first while working on the front lines.

One truck driver from South Haven is taking notice of those struggling and is embarking on a journey to bring awareness.

More than 200 miles have been logged, and more than 2,000 miles to go.

Wayne Cragg has made it to Traverse City by bike.

“I started in South Haven, Michigan two weeks ago,” said Cragg. “Tomorrow it’ll be two weeks on the road. I got here yesterday in Traverse City, 225 miles alone getting up here.”

Wayne used to be a truck driver, but in September he had a health scare that forced him to quit.

“When COVID hit I actually spent about seven MONTHS and two weeks out on the road. The healthy eating I quit doing that. I quit doing a lot of things before September 19th,” said Cragg.

Now, he’s biking to Seattle to raise awareness and remind truck drivers about the importance of maintaining their health. He says he’s already faced several challenges.

“I really in my head was questioning whether or not this was even smart to do because I am out of shape,” said Cragg. 

He’s pedaled through the doubts thanks to some friendly support.

Tami Stagman, a friend of Wayne’s, said, “I think Wayne- he is doing a great job to try to get himself back on track and I hope he can get some other people back on track too.”

Tami Stagman is joining Wayne on part of his journey.

“We’re going to bike, pack, and camp out and take three or four days to get to the Mackinaw bridge,” said Stagman.

Wayne‘s journey won’t stop there, in fact it’s just beginning.

“Getting over the Mackinaw bridge then I’m going to take US-2 the rest of the way to Seattle, Washington,” said Cragg.

Wayne leaves for his journey tomorrow morning.

He plans to make it to Seattle by the end of July.

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