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Business in Focus: Michigan Grown and Family Owned, Modernistic

Bob In Van Old
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Their commercial jingle has quite the catchy tune, but its message is something that this family-owned company lives by, and they haven’t stopped since 1973. “You’ve probably heard of our jingle ‘It’s Modernistic! It’s simple and quick,'” sang Rachel Shaw, COO. “We have seven locations across the state, and about 200 team members. We’ve grown so much since its start”.

“My dad started Modernistic out of his garage,” said CEO, Jill McDonald-Fiebelkorn. “In 1985, Rachel’s family started modernistic on the west side of the state, out of the Kalamazoo area. We’ve both grown up in the business which has been really insightful and very rewarding”.

Both Jill and Rachel are now looking forward to expanding across the Northern part of the state with their new headquarters now in Traverse City.

“It has seriously been a life goal, and you know with the pandemic, it really accelerated our ability to work from home,” said Rachel. “If nothing else, a small silver lining there. And so a lot with the ability to work remote we decided you know what we can realize that dream sooner rather than later”.

“We just couldn’t be more thrilled about it,” Jill added. “We’re raving fans. I didn’t know we could love Traverse City any more than we already do”.


With its expansion and the growing need for cleaning and disinfecting services, Modernistic is now hiring at many of its locations. for more information.

To learn more about Modernistic and its services, watch the video above, or or call 800-609-1000.


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