Gov. Whitmer Speaks About Coronavirus on NBC’s “Meet The Press”


Governor Whitmer made an appearance on NBC’s “Meet The Press” Sunday morning.

The Governor has become the center of attention lately once again as Michigan is fighting through another spike in cases.

Recently, she has declared the state will not tighten restrictions and that Michigan already has some of the “strongest mitigation measures in the country”

Her strategy going forward is going to be full focus on vaccines.

“But what is really happening on the ground here is we’re moving fast to get shots in arms. We’ve got a million in two weeks. A million in just the last nine days. So we keep breaking our own records,” said Governor Whitmer. “We’ve got these continued mitigation practices. And I’m working with a smaller set of tools at my disposal, and that’s why we really do need and appreciate the help that we’re getting from the federal government.”

Governor Whitmer states that Michigan still has strong measures in place such as mask mandates, capacity restrictions, and Michiganders working from home.

She also noted that Michigan is starting to see the beginning of a slowdown, which is welcomed.

Additionally, she said that the state has received a lot of help from the Biden Administration.

Overall, Governor Whitmer states that the measures in place plus assistance from the Biden Administration will be important to “stemming the tide of what we’re seeing.”

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