Gov. Whitmer Urges Two Week Pause on In-Person Schools, Youth Sports and Indoor Dining

The numbers are rising in Michigan but in her first COVID-19 press conference in three weeks, Governor Gretchen Whitmer didn’t push mandates. She instead urged caution.

Governor Whitmer says that the vaccine is the path out of the pandemic, not more restrictions on Michigan’s economy. That’s why she is not mandating any new restrictions, but she is strongly urging Michiganders to comply and avoid indoor activities.20210409 142834760 Ios Original

“There is light at the end of this tunnel,” said Whitmer, “But the recent rise in cases is a reminder that we are still in the tunnel.”

Throughout the pandemic, when cases rose, Whitmer would tighten restrictions. As vaccines become more prevalent, she says mandates aren’t necessary but personal responsibility is.

“That’s why I’m calling on high schools to voluntarily go remote for two weeks past spring break,” said Whitmer, “I am calling on youth sports to voluntarily suspend games and practices for two weeks and I’m strongly encouraging all Michiganders to avoid dining indoors and avoid gathering indoors with friends for two weeks.”

There will be no consequence for breaking the recommendation but the state hopes Michiganders will respond.

“Just because something is open, it does not mean it is safe or that you should do it,” said Dr. Joneigh Khaldun.

Even Republican leaders approve of this route. Speaker of the House Jason Wentworth released a statement, “I’m glad the governor encouraged personal responsibility and safety today without the on size fits all mandates.”

He went on to request all restrictions to lift. Whitmer said that won’t happen until 70% of adults are vaccinated.

“We could theoretically, by the middle of May, be to a place where we’re at 70%,” said Whitmer when asked directly.

There are no set dates assigned to this two week pause but the current epidemic orders given out by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is scheduled to expire on April 19.

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