Grant Me Hope: Jared

11-year-old Jared can be described as a unique kid, with a knack for exploration. He loves learning new things through science experiments, hiking, swimming, and climbing trees. We learned even more about him in this Grant Me Hope.

When there is something that interests Jared, he will invest in learning all he can about that subject. He loves to learn new things and is currently enjoying science experiments and origami.

One of the people who knows him best calls Jared a polite and intelligent boy who likes engaging with others, especially adults. “He likes to teach others about his interests, showing great patience in this context,” says his acquaintance.

He will need a family whose parent or parents are experienced and trauma-informed. His new parent or parents need to be patient and understanding as well as strong advocates for the services that will benefit Jared. In addition, Jared prefers to be the only or youngest child, but he does well with other children.

To learn more about Jared, and the adoption process, click here.

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