Gov. Whitmer Vetoes Covid Relief Spending Bill

Whitmer Pic

Governor Whitmer has again vetoed $652 million in proposed covid relief spending after the Michigan Legislature passed it without negotiating with her administration.

Lawmakers re-approved the funding following the governor’s first veto weeks ago.

One of the bills proposed $405 million for state-funded business relief and $150 million to be deposited into the unemployment insurance fund.

Another bill would have given $87 million in federal funds to private schools and $10 million to reimburse parents for summer school-related expenses.

In a letter to lawmakers, Governor Whitmer states she vetoed the bills because they mainly included spending she previously rejected.

However, Governor Whitmer said, “I remain ready and willing to negotiate regarding the allocation of the more than $2 billion in federal money now sitting idle in the Michigan treasury. That’s money that could be immediately put to work supporting our kids, families, and small business.”






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