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Covid 19

World’s First COVID-19 Vaccine Trial For Pregnant Women

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The first coronavirus vaccine trial involving pregnant women is now underway in the U.S. and worldwide.

The Pfizer trial will assess vaccine safety and efficacy. It will also look into whether or not the vaccine can transfer protective antibodies to newborns.

The trial includes 4,000 healthy pregnant women from at least nine countries who are between 24 and 34 weeks pregnant.

Half will receive a placebo.

Vaccine trial participant Kelsey Carpenter says, “I’m happy I’m doing this. I would be totally off base if I said I wasn’t a little nervous.”

Pfizer says mothers who are receiving a placebo will get a real vaccine one month after they give birth.

That’s important because it’s believed nursing mother pass antibodies to their newborns through breast milk.

Obstetrician-Gynecologist Dr. Cynthia Robbins says, “Our hope is that by getting the vaccine, it transfers over the immunity through the placenta to the baby.”

Results from the Pfizer trial are expected in the summer of 2022.

And more than 51,000 pregnant women have already received the vaccine without waiting on trial results.