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Married in the Mitten: Coming Together Through the Chaos

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A bride and a groom, through all of the COVID-19 chaos, managed to come together after changing their plans and their minds numerous times. planner, Stacy Horn was

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luckily there to help guide them through it all.

Sally and Nate’s wedding was initially supposed to happen on September 12. “The couple was from Colorado, and had planned on having their wedding up in Northport Point for 180 people,” said Stacy. Their plans were all of a sudden halted when the mass mandate come out to restrict gatherings. “Sally and Nate then decided to push their plans to next year, and changed all of the vendors to next year as well”. And then… 12 days before their original date, September 12 the mom’s bride calls Stacy with a request – the bride and groom want to go with their original date with modified plans.

But, it all came together in the end.

Stacy immediately contacted the vendors to see who was still available. “It ended up looking like their ‘big’ wedding, but on a smaller scale, a great event that really in the end they said turned out exactly as it should have”.

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