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Author Spotlight: ‘Empowered: A Motivational Journal for Women’ by Michaela Johnson

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Anger, frustration, confusion… these seem to be the emotions that many of us are experiencing right now. Author, explains how to focus these feelings on paper, and how it can help ease our minds.

“With , it actually is something really beautiful,” said Johnson. “First of all, there are incredibly inspirational quotes. And, that is one of my favorite parts of journaling is having some words of inspiration from other people”. The ‘people’ that she pulls these quotes from feature those who have overcome struggles in their own lives. This includes media mogul, Oprah Winfrey, actor, Meryl Streep, entrepreneur, Dr. Kathleen Hall, and American-Cuban-French diarist, Anaïs Nin.

Johson hopes that her journal will inspire others to take their cognitive stress and turn it into something more constructive. “Your subconscious mind is working when you’re busy doing your cognitive stress out. So, let’s give it something positive and hopeful to work on. And, so if you set a goal or an intention or a dream, then your mind starts to look for how you can achieve it”.

To learn more about ‘Empowered: A Motivational Journal for Women’ by Michaela Johnson, .


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