FUNemployed Family, Known for Traveling, Stays Put Much of 2020

‘The four’ first introduced you to the Lutz family back in 2018.Funemp

They sold most their stuff and were packed up to travel the world for an entire year.

They have become affectionately known as the FUNemployed family.

Then in 2019 Ben, Kelly and Liesel announced they’d be expanding their family with baby Mason due in March 2020.

So at the end of 2019, they started making their 2020 plans.

“We knew that in January we would go to Jamaica for a baby moon and just two weeks of relaxing in the sun and then in March little Mason was due,” Kelly said.”Iit was awesome, we sat on the beach and sat in the ocean for two weeks and it was fantastic.”

“We had a full month in Europe planned, mid-May to mid-June,” Ben said. “We had flights and everything booked. We were ready to go.”

But 2020 had different plans.

“Then around March 15th, everything in Michigan started to shutdown,” Kelly said.

And just a few weeks later…

“Mason was born on March 27th like right at the beginning of our lockdown,” Kelly said.

“Mason wasn’t able to meet his grandparents for a minimum two months,” Ben said. “So it was just the four of us. The first two months of his life were literally his parents and his sister locked down inside our house.”

The ever traveling family’s plans were put on pause.

Making the best of a summer without travel by exploring their backyard in Traverse City.

“In the summer we did a lot more thing here we normally wouldn’t have done,” Ben said.

“This year was the first year we’d been in fall weather in 10 or 15 years together so we were just blow away by the trees and the leaves changing and the great weather,” Kelly said. “On the other hand, we definitely have a travel itch and we’re really excited to get back out there once it’s safe

But not before 2020 threw them one more surprise…

“It was a surprise, because I do all the things I can do to keep myself safe,” Ben said.

Ben tested positive for COVID-19.

“I started realizing you know yesterday I didn’t really smell the coffee when my wife said oh that smells good. And then you started piecing it all together,” Ben said.

“That was a surprise,” Kelly said. “The kids and I stayed pretty healthy but we did kind of lock him up in a different room for the time he was quarantined.”

His only symptoms were loss of taste and smell and he later developed a slight cough.

“So I was extremely fortunate,” Ben said.

Once better, their travel itch was still there.

“To be totally honest, there was a point in time I told Kelly ‘I miss the airport,’” Ben said.

“We really didn’t want to do too much until we just felt more comfortable and we saw how the airlines were handling it and saw how destinations were handling things how different states were handling things,” Kelly said.

They got the opportunity to head to California for work in August.

“Right from the get go, when we got to the airport it was like hand sanitizer all over the place, everybody was in face masks,” Kelly said.

Ben says when it comes to traveling now it’s really all about what’s best for your family.

“Do what’s right for your family. If you feel like a road trip is better than flying you can do that. If you feel like you should just stay home, you can stay home,” Ben said.

When it comes to their plans for 2021…

“We haven’t planned anything, we haven’t booked anything. We’re kind of just waiting to see how things are going to be going,” Kelly said. “Hopefully things are going to be a little safer, and we can all get out there and travel more.”

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