Grant Me Hope: Roland

Give a salute to Roland, who demonstrates a delightful demeanor to all who come into contact with him. “Roland is friendly and kind to everyone he meets,” says one of the adults close to him. “HeRoland Gmh likes to share stories and activities and include others.” Some of Roland’s favorite activities are bowling, playing laser tag, and building things with Legos. He loves playing with superhero action figures such as Batman, Superman, Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Iron Man. Roland loves playing Uno and Pokémon. He’ll love playing games and doing activities with others because he’s very social. Roland loves being outside and going on community outings. To fuel up for those activities, Roland likes his favorite food including chocolate ice cream, pizza and hamburgers, and fries. One of the people close to him says Roland is an imaginative young lad who likes portraying fictional characters. With his future forever family, Roland wants to watch movies, play with toys and go on trips together.

“Roland is a delightful child, full of laughter and life,” says one of the people close to him. “He sees the positive in others and has genuine affection for most people that he meets.” His close adult acquaintance adds that Roland is “a calm and compliant child who loves to make people proud. He thrives on praise.”

Roland would do well with a parent or parents who have prior experience and are trauma-informed. He would do well in a forever family with or without other children. Roland’s new parent or parents must make sure he receives the services that will help him thrive now and into adulthood. Finally, Roland prefers a forever family who has pets, especially dogs.

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